"This Road" - Backstory

It's dark right now. Feeling more lost than usual. The bad comes with the good, I get it…just wish things made a little more sense consistently. There is so much wild, unreasonable shit that happens out here and 2 bottles of wine cant hide me from that. I'm tired. The beauty of the road/travel and never stopping can't be sustained eternally, and i find my descent after the highs is fast, slipping down to the dark side of this moon, the pain, doubts, acute loneliness, the hustle, the wish that i could live a little easier while creating…to be kinder to myself, to not go all-in on hope constantly, to own my age and the increasing questions, the buzzsaw of comparisons. I miss community, real friends and real conversations...the feeling of strength and empowerment that comes with them. Some days I’m skating boldly on this ice and many others i'm falling through and looking for a hand to pull me up. I'm pissed that i'm so stubborn, that I believe so naively after all these years in change, and betterment, in art, myself, and success... - Journal Entry 2/16/18

I left NYC in a 4-AM- post-super-bowl-snowstorm and now, nearly 3 years later, I have an album coming out that acts as a condensed journal of the highs and lows and in-betweens of those years on the road. 10 stories set to music. The journal entry above became the lyrical basis of the first song on my new album, This Road:

I'm moving in darkness // Can't see beyond the path of my headlights // Alone

I'm moving too fast it seems // Can't see beyond the twist and the turn of backroads

I'm driving down into this black // Wish you were here to pull me back

This road I'm on ain't the same without your love

I'm driving down into this black // Wish you were here with me // I'm losing track

Traveling is not the same when your skin ain't in the game with me

I'm running out of emotions // Running out of a language that can describe all I feel

So I'm heading back to the ocean // Holding close to the things that keep me believing I'll heal

I still want you on this road, on this road, on this road with me...